About Us

LifeVitae is an Ed-Tech start-up that runs the world’s first AI-powered Life Skills Platform to help a user unlock their full potential. We found the need to upskill, unpack and help today’s youth navigate the landscape of the future of work. We believe that every student is unique and that grades alone shouldn’t determine their career trajectory. Rather than focus on an individual’s ‘Curriculum Vitae’, we shine light on a person’s ‘Life Vitae’.

Founded in Singapore, we also have a strong market presence in India, Indonesia and the UAE, with over 50,000 students and 150 schools utilising our product. Our platform is based on the widely-accepted UN-WHO Life Skills framework and is powered by our own proprietary technology using sophisticated NLP models. We are a fast-growing company and continue to add new schools to our list of customers and help students find the right career fit for them.