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The World’s First Life Skills Platform

We are an AI-powered deep technology platform, helping individuals curate the most important skills of their life. We unlock the human potential by profiling individuals on a 6-point Life Powers framework adapted from the UNESCO-WHO Life Skills Model.

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Your lived experiences, not just grades

Life Achievements

Life Achievements are accomplishments that matter to you and highlight your successes in your life.

Life Passions

Life Passions are hobbies and causes that you are interested in and are deeply connected to.

Life Moments

Life Moments relate to situations that individuals will have experienced during life and can resonate with.

Our Solutions

At LifeVitae, we provide a unique and engaging product, tailored to the specific requirements of our partners and customers. We accelerate the future readiness of users by facilitating targeted lifelong learning on the platform and recommending resources that improve employability.









What our customers say



LifeVitae is a platform to track students' potential and their interests, which later can be used in choosing higher education (campus and courses), or even in choosing a job, because not all interests and potentials are detected by parents, teachers, or even the students themselves.

Selasar Muda


This is our first collaboration with LifeVitae, and it has been an interesting experience for Selasar Muda to work with LifeVitae, since the program is aligned with what Selasar Muda is projecting to schools. We are also ready to evaluate for a better and optimised service to our clients.



We were extremely impressed with LifeVitae's integration of AI into the sphere of modern day education. Their products help democratize career guidance and aid students in selecting specific career pathways based on their unique strengths and skills. We feel that our students will receive great value from the user-friendly and dynamic nature of LifeVitae Express. It is why we are happy to have chosen LifeVitae to help our students.

Next Education


A 360 degree profiling is very important in a students’ learning journey. LifeVitae is an incredible solution which maps the interests, likes, achievements and passions of a child with career pathways using AI. The skills gap, remediation and career pathways produced by the platform is exceptional.

Satya Gurukul Academy


What sets LifeVitae apart is its comprehensive approach to addressing the unique challenges and needs of today’s students. We believe that this product is well-aligned with the requirements of students and will greatly benefit our students in their personal and academic growth.

Tallant Asia


LifeVitae's systems allow us to more accurately match a candidate to our clients' needs. It does this by helping to identify the soft skills and strengths from a candidate's life experiences. Through the Al-powered similarity tool, we are also better able to see how a candidate will fit in with an existing team.

What our users say

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