Our Story

Our Founding Vision

Priya Sengupta

Founder & CEO

A graduate from IIT Kharagpur and an MBA from IIM Lucknow, Priya started LifeVitae in 2019 after two decades in financial services and higher education.

“Growing up in India, we had very little choice of careers - science, medicine and engineering were pre-determined pathways for me.

Today, while career choices have proliferated, mindsets stay the same.

Kids, especially those in emerging markets, have little to no access to the wide world of undergraduate education, making these choices meaningless except to the elite few.”

Our vision is to

give every child access to the world’s education choices and the guidance to find what’s best for them.

“We want to be every student’s best friend.”

Our Purpose

We realized that every human wants to be valued and appreciated for the full spectrum of who they are, not just for their professional/ academic experience.

So we created LifeVitae - the world’s first platform for curating the important aspects of one’s life - their skills, experiences, moments, stories and achievements that matter most.

It is a life-long companion for anyone who wants to express their individuality in a succinct yet meaningful way.

In the future, we believe that every significant human interaction at work – recruitment, on-boarding, team bonding, vendor/partner selection, and coaching will be accompanied by an updated LifeVitae.

How does it work?

We use data science and AI to codify an individual’s lived experiences into measurable skills.

These experiences are categorised as Life Achievements, Life Passions and Life Moments. The platform will then generate a list of common LifeStrengths and a user’s LifePowers. These strengths are the basis for suggested career pathways and resources.

We utilise the widely accepted UN-WHO Life Skills framework to do this.

What makes LifeVitae different?

LifeVitae is the platform for you to curate and tell your life story. For the past century, organisations have relied on CVs for hiring employees. We believe that will change with LifeVitae. There is:

  • No psychometric testing/standardised personality test
  • No invasive/‘permanent’ profiling tool
  • A continuous narrative building not a static assessment
  • A strength map develops over time with more information