Our Solutions

Education Institutions

LifeVitae helps education institutions prepare their students in the context of the future of education.

How we help

Provide a platform for students to find their deeper life skills that they may now be aware of through our AI/ML algorithm

Education Consultants

LifeVitae provides your students with a unique method to establish their personal brand, while also helping them prepare a repository for their essays.

How we help

Use LifeVitae as a lead generation tool to attract more students

Education Platforms

LifeVitae helps enterprises improve their offering to their students by providing personalised recommendations on courses, professions and job opportunities.

How we help

Provide a customised platform and an array of co-branded products

Corporate Partners

LifeVitae provides a co-branded candidate management system, via a fully customisable platform that integrates both hard & soft skills with the existing HR system.

How we help

Better match with prospective job candidates by looking at their lived experiences so that they can stay in the job for longer