Our Products

Student Portal

  • Provides students with help on subject choices and stream selection based on their unique skill-set and strengths
  • Provision of university details linked to the ideal pathways, drawn from a college database of 3 million data points
  • AI-based recommendation of courses and resources for students to up-skill and work on their developing skills


  • Provides professionals with help in finding the right career fit for their skill-set
  • Provides knowledge of core skills and strengths, as well as ways to improve on developing soft-skills
  • Helps prepare the professional talent pool to be ready for the future of work and be valuable assets to their companies

LifeVitae Express

  • A quick, convenient way for students to understand themselves
  • An MCQ-style set of questions that ask students to delve deeper into their life experiences
  • An instant report is generated to help students understand their skills and strengths

Customised Solutions

  • Platform customisation based on the desires and requirements of our collaborators and partner schools
  • Specific career pathways can be provided to prepare students for career in a specific field
  • Optimising our product to the vision of member schools so that students can receive targeted support and guidance